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Recent publications

Most of the publications listed below may be found on Research Gate :: Lab members are in bold

Optimizing survey effort for Euglossine bees in tropical forests

Hipólito J, Magnusson WE, Baccaro FBB. (in pressPerspectives in Ecology and Conservation.

Taxonomic and functional structure of understorey bird assemblages on Amazonian seasonally flooded river islands

Diniz PJ, Baccaro FB, Borges SH. (in pressBiological Journal of Linnean Society.

Anthropogenic factors do not affect male or female jaguar habitat use in an Amazonian Sustainable Reserve

Montanarin A, Ramalho EE, Rocha DG, Grabin DM, Alvarenga GC, Pequeno PACL, Baccaro FB, Magnusson WE. (in pressPerspectives in Ecology and Conservation.

Peer-reviewed articles
Most of the publications listed below may be found on Research Gate :: Lab members are in bold

A test of the Geographic Mosaic Theory of Coevolution: investigating widespread species of Amazonian Protium (Burseraceae) trees, their chemical defenses, and their associated herbivore faunas

Fine PVA, Baccaro FB, Lokvam J, Mesones I, Vásquez PM, Ayarza-Zuñiga JM, Merkel E, Sanches M, Nogueira CA, Salazar D. (2023) Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 11: 1180274, 2023.

Pervasive gaps in Amazonian ecological research

Carvalho RL, Resende AF, Barlow J, França FM, Elias F, Silveira JM, Stegmann L, Baccaro FB, Juen L, Schietti J, Aragão L, Berenguer E, Castello L, Costa FRC, Guedes L, Leal CG, Lees AC, Isaac V, Nascimento RO, Phillips OL, Schmidt FA, Ter Steege H, Vaz-De-Mello F, Venticinque EM, Vieira ICG, et al. (2023) Current Biology 33: 3495-3504.

From species descriptions to diversity patterns: the validation of taxonomic data as a keystone for ant diversity studies reproducibility and accuracy

Feitosa RM, Silva TSR, Camacho GP, Ulysséa MA, Ladino N, Oliveira AM, Albuquerque EZ, Ribas C, Schmidt FA, Morini MS, Da Silva RR, Dáttilo W, Queiroz, ACM, Baccaro FB, Santos JC, Carvalho KS, Sobrinho TG, Quinet YP, Moraes AB, et al. (2023) Royal Society Open Science, 10: 221170.

Edge effects on ant diversity and functional composition in a forest fragment in the Central Amazon

Santos TF, Mesquita VP, Araújo J, Baccaro FB. (2023) Sociobiology, 70: e7657.

Predicting the South American invasion pathways of the mayfly Linnaeus 1761 (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae) using species distribution models

Cruz PV, Alencar JBR, Cardoso MN, Baccaro FB. (2023) Insect Conservation and Diversity, 16: 521-530.

Effects of Amazonian flying rivers on frog biodiversity and populations in the Atlantic Rainforest

Ferrante L, Getirana A, Baccaro FB, Schöngart J, Leonel ACM, Gaiga R, Garey MV, Fearnside FM. (2023) Conservation Biology. 37: e14033.

Ant diversity decreases during the dry season: A meta-analysis of the effects of seasonality on ant richness and abundance

Queiroz ACM, Marques TG, Ribas CR, Cornelissen TG, Nogueira A, Schmidt FA, Feitosa RM, Sobrinho TG, Quinet Y, Baccaro FB, Ulysséa MA, Vargas AB, Morini MSC, Souza JLP, Paolucci LN, Dáttilo W, Del-Claro K, LangeD, Santos JC, Silva RR, Campos RBF, Albuquerque EZ, Izzo T, Rabello AM, Solar RRC, Soares SA, Carvalho KS, Moraes AB, Torezan-Silingard HM, Nahas L, dos Santos I, Costa-Milanez CB, Esteves F, Frizzo T, Harada AY, DaRocha W, Diehl-Fleig E. (2023) Biotropica. 55: 29-39.

Seasonal flooding decreases fruit-feeding butterfly species dominance and increases spatial turnover in floodplain forests of central Amazonia

Oliveira IF, Baccaro FB, Werneck FP, Zacca T, Haugaasen T. (2023). Ecology and Evolution. 13: e9718.

Divergent effects of lure on multi-species camera-trap detections and quality of photos

Barcelos DC, Alvarenga GC, Gräbin DM, Baccaro FB, Ramalho, EE. (2023) Journal for Nature Conservation. 71: 126317.


Ants of Brazil: an overview based on 50 years of diversity studies

Feitosa RM, Camacho GP, Silva TSR, Ulysses MA, Ladino N, Oliveira AM, Albuquerque EZ, Schmidt FA, Ribas CR, Nogueira A, Baccaro FB, Queiroz ACM, Dáttilo W, Silva RR, Santos JC, Rabello AM,.... da Rocha W. (2022) Systematics and Biodiversity. 20: 2089268.

Island size predicts mammal diversity in insular environments, except for land-bridge islands

Ferreira-Neto GS, Benchimol M, Carneiro FM, Baccaro FB. (2022) Biotropica. 54: 1137-1145.

A large-scale assessment of ant diversity across the Brazilian Amazon Basin: integrating geographic, ecological and morphological drivers of sampling bias

Andrade-Silva J, Baccaro FB, Prado LP, Guénard B, Warren DL, Kass JM, Economo EP, Silva RR. (2022). Ecography. 9: e06295.

Assessing the efficacy of higher-taxon approach for ant species surveys to improve biodiversity inventories

Souza JLP, Fernandes IO, Agosti D, Norman F. Johnson NF, Baccaro FB. (2022). Animal Conservation. 25: 370-381.

Productivity correlates positively with mammalian diversity independently of the species’ feeding guild, body mass, or the vertical strata explored by the species

Ferreira-Neto GS, Ortega JCG, Carneiro FM, Oliveira Jr. SSO, Oliveira R, Baccaro FB. (2022) Mammal Review. 52: 377-391.

AMAZONIA CAMTRAP: A dataset of mammal, bird, and reptile species recorded with camera traps in the Amazon forest.

Antunes AC, Montanarin AG, Monteiro DM, Pinho ECS, Ferreira F, Alvarenga GC, Ahumada J, Wallace RB, Ramalho EE, Barnett APA, Bager ACL, Keuroghlian AM and many other authors including Baccaro FB and Ferreira-Neto GS... (2022). Ecology. 103: e3738.

The behavioural ecology behind anti-predator mechanisms: diversity, ontogenetic changes and sexual differences in anuran defense behaviours

Ferrante L, Najar T, Baccaro FB, Kaefer IL. (2022). Ethology Ecology & Evolution. 34: 178-188.

Living in a tropical concrete jungle: diversity and abundance variation in a parrot assemblage (Aves, Psittacidae) of a major Amazonian city

Fragata M de M, Baccaro FB, Gonçalves ALS, Borges SH. (2022) Urban Ecosystems. 25: 977-987.

Forest fragments, primary and secondary forests harbour similar arthropod assemblages after 40 years of landscape regeneration in the Central Amazon

De Aquino KKS, Baccaro FB, Appel G, Henriques AL, Bobrowiec PED, Borges SH. (2022). Agricultural and Forest Entomology. 24: 178-188.

Modeling potential invasion of stored-product pest Cryptamorpha desjardinsii (Guérin-Méneville, 1844) (Coleoptera: Silvanidae) with emphasis on newly recorded areas

Alencar JBR, Bento M, Yoshida T, Fonseca CRV, Baccaro FB. (2022). Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology. 25: 101891.

Ant diversity studies in Brazil: an overview of the myrmecological research in a megadiverse country

Schmidt FA, Ribas CR, Feitosa RM, Baccaro FB, de Queiroz ACM, Sobrinho TG, Quinet Y, Carvalho KS, Izzo T, de Castro Morini MS, Nogueira A, Torezan‑Silingardi HM, Souza JLP, Ulysséa MA, Vargas AB, Dáttilo W, Del‑Claro K, Marques T, Moraes AB, Paolucci L, Rabello AM, Santos JC, .... Martello F. (2022). Insectes Sociaux. 69: 105–121.

Connecting Amazonian historical biogeography and local assemblages of understorey birds: Recurrent guild proportionality within areas of endemism

Braga PLM, Borges SH, Peres CA, Loiselle BA, Blake JG, Menger J, Bueno AS, Anciães M, Teófilo FH, Maximiano MFA, Souza AHN, Boss RL, Baccaro FB. (2022). Journal of Biogeography. 49: 324-338.

Direct and indirect effects of geographic and environmental factors on ant beta diversity across Amazon basin

Guilherme DR, Pequeno PACL, Baccaro FB, Franklin E, Santos-Neto CR, Souza JLP. (2022). Oecologia. 198: 193–203.

Windthrows promote higher diversity of saproxylic beetles (Coleoptera: Passalidae) in a Central Amazon forest

Alencar JBR, Fonseca CRV, Marra DM, Baccaro FB. (2022). Insect Conservation and Diversity. 15: 1-8.

Water table level and soil texture are important drivers of dung beetle diversity in Amazonian lowland forests

Salomão RP, Pires DA, Baccaro FB, Schietti J, Vaz-de-Mello FZ, Lima AP, Magnusson WE. (2022). Applied Soil Ecology. 170: p104260.

Beetle assemblage composition (Coleoptera) across the Borborema Plateau in Northeastern Brazil

Alencar JBR, Brito CH, Baccaro FB, Bicho CL. (2022). Revista Caatinga. 35: 148-159.


Use of complementary methods to sample bats in the Amazon

Appel G, Capaverde Jr UD, Oliveira LQ de, Pereira LGA, Tavares VC, López-Baucells A, Magnusson WE, Baccaro FB, Bobrowiec PED. (2021). Acta Chiropterologica. 23: 499-511.

Fine roots stimulate nutrient release during early stages of leaf litter decomposition in a Central Amazon rainforest

Martins NP, Fuchslueger L, Fleicher K, Andersen KM, Assis RL, Baccaro FB, Camargo PB, Cordeiro AL, Grandis A, Hartley IP, Hofhansl F, Lugli LF, Lapola DM, Menezes JG, Norby RJ, Ramming A, Rosa JS, Schaap KJ, Takeshi B, Valverde-Barrantes OJ, Quesada CA. (2021). Plant and Soil. 469: 287-303.

Sedimental journey: soil fertility of fluvial islands increases with proximity to an Amazonian white-water river

Ferreira-Neto GS, Baccaro FB, Quesada CA, Figueiredo AS, Oliveira R, Gomes E, Spironello WR, Barnett AP. (2021). Wetlands. 41: 104.

Editorial: The Ecology, Evolution, and Preservation of Biodiversity in Amazonian Floodplain Ecosystems

Hurd LE, Baccaro FB, Pouilly M, Freitas CEC (2021). Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. 9: 794472.

Eighty-four per cent of all Amazonian arboreal plant individuals are useful to humans

Coelho SD, Levis C, Baccaro FB, Figueiredo FOG, Antunes AP, ter Steege H, Peña-Claros M, Clement CR, Schietti J. (2021). PLoS ONE. 16(10): e0257875.

Soil fertility and anthropogenic disturbances drive mammal species richness and composition in tropical fluvial islands

Ferreira-Neto GS, Baccaro FB, Spironello WR, Benchimol M, Fleischer K, Quesada CA, Gonçalves A, Pequeno PAL, Barnett AP. (2021). Austral Ecology. 46: 792–801.

Taking the pulse of Earth’s tropical forests using networks of highly distributed plots, Blundo C, Carilla J, Grau R, Malizia A, Malizia L, Osinaga-Acosta O, Bird M, Bradford M, Catchpole D, Ford A, Graham A, Hilbert D, Kemp J, Laurance S, Laurance W, Yoko Ishida F, Marshall A, Waite C, Woell H, Bastin J-F, Bauters M, Beeckman H, and many other authors including Baccaro FB... (2021). Biological Conservation. 260: 108849.

Marked Differences in Butterfly Assemblage Composition between Forest Types in Central Amazonia, Brazil

Oliveira IF, Baccaro FB, Werneck FP, Zacca T, Haugaasen T. (2021). Forests. 21: 942.

Ants of the State of Pará, Brazil: a historical and comprehensive dataset of a key biodiversity hotspot in the Amazon Basin

Albuquerque EZ, Prado LP, Andrade-Silva J, Siqueira ELS, Sampaio KLS, Alves DL, Brandão CRF, Andrade PL, Feitosa RM, Koch EBA, Delabie JHC, Fernandes I, Baccaro FB, Souza JLP, Almeida RPS, Silva RR. (2021). Zootaxa. 5001: 1-83.

Competitive interaction between two ant species facilitates egg-hatching of yellow-spotted Amazon River turtles (Podocnemis unifilis)

Erickson J, Pereira FR, Baccaro FB. (2021). The South American Journal of Herpetology. 20: 84–91.

Amazon tree dominance across forest strata

Draper F, Costa FRC, Arellano G, Phillips O, and many other authors including Baccaro FB... (2021). Nature Ecology & Evolution. 5: 757–767.

The Program for Biodiversity Research in Brazil: The role of regional networks for biodiversity knowledge, dissemination, and conservation

Rosa C, Baccaro FB, Cronemberger C, Hipólito J, Barros, et al. (2021) Anais Academia Brasileira de Ciências. 93: e20201604

Seasonal fluctuation of groundwater level influences local litter-dwelling ant richness, composition and colonization in the Amazon rainforest

Holanda PM de S, Souza JLP, Baccaro FB. (2021). Ecological Entomology. 46: 220-231.


Sucessional trajetories of bird assemblages in amazonian secondary forests: Perspectives from complementary biodiversity dimensions

Borges SH, Tavares T do RS, Crouch NMA, Baccaro FB. (2021). Forest Ecology and Management. 483: 118731.

For emergency only: Terrestrial feeding in Coimbra-Filho’s titis reflects seasonal arboreal resource availability

Souza-Alves JP, Baccaro FB, Fontes IP, Oliveira MA, Silva NMO, Barnett AA (2021). Primates. 62: 199–206.


Juggling options: manipulation ease determines primate optimal fruit size choice

Dias da Silva RHP, Castro Sá MJ, Baccaro FB, Tománek P, Barnett AA. (2020). Biotropica. 52: 1275–1285.

Effects of climate change on central Amazonian forests: a two decades synthesis of monitoring tropical biodiversity

Costa FRC, Zuanon J, Baccaro FB, Schietti J, Menger J, Souza JLP, Borba GC, Esteban EJL, Bertin VM, Gerolamo CS, Nogueira A, Castilho CV. (2020). Oecologia Australis. 24: 317-335.

The role of environmental filtering, geographic distance and dispersal barriers in shaping the turnover of plant and animal species in Amazonia

Dambros C, Zuquim G, Moulatlet GM, Costa FRC, Tuomisto H, Ribas CC, Azevedo R, Baccaro FB, Bobrowiec PED, Dias MS, Emilio T, Espirito-Santo HMV, Figueiredo FOG, Franklin E, Freitas CG, Graça MB, d’Horta F, Leitão RP, Maximiano M, Mendonça FP, Menger J, Morais JW, de Souza AHN, Souza JLP, Tavares Vda C, Vale JD, Venticinque EM, Zuanon J, Magnusson WE (2020). Biodiversity and Conservation. 6: 1-26.

Distribution of epigeic and hypogeic Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) at ombrophilous forests in the Brazilian Amazon

Torres MT, Souza JLP, Baccaro FB. (2020). Sociobiology. 67: 186-200.

Air transportation, population density and temperature predict the spread of COVID-19 in Brazil

Pequeno P, Mendel B, Rosa C, Bosholn M, Souza JLP, Baccaro FB, Barbosa RI, Magnusson W. (2020). PeerJ. e9322,

Relações alométricas entre os tamanhos de sementes artificiais removidas e de formigas em um fragmento florestal na Amazônia Central

Matos LCN, Santana FD, Baccaro FB. (2020). Bol. Mus. Para. Emílio Goeldi. Cienc. Nat. 15: 155-164.

Long-term thermal sensitivity of Earth's tropical forests

Sullivan MJ, Lewis SL, Affum-Baffoe K, Castilho C, Costa F, Sanchez AC, Ewango CE, Hubau W, Marimon B, Monteagudo-Mendoza A, Qie L. and many other authors including Baccaro FB... (2020). Science. 368: 869-874.


Effect of structural variation of dead trunks on passalid (Coleoptera: Passalidae) assemblages in Central Amazonian Campinaranas

Alencar JBR, da Fonseca, CRV, Baccaro FB, Bento MMF, Ribeiro JM. (2020). Neotropical Entomology. 49: 337-346.

Aliens in the backyard: Does the American Bullfrog conquer the real estate of native frogs in the Semi-deciduous Atlantic Forest?

Ferrante L, Baccaro FB, Kaefer IL. (2020). The Herpetological Journal. 30: 83-92.


Variation in the production of plant tissues bearing extrafloral nectaries explains temporal patterns of ant attendance in Amazonian understory plants

Nogueira A, Baccaro FB, Leal LC, Rey PJ, Lohmann LG, Bronstein JL (2019). Journal of Ecology. 108: 1578-1591.

Igapó seed patches: A potentially key resource for terrestrial vertebrates in a seasonally flooded forest of Central Amazonia

Antunes AC, Baccaro FB, Andreade VLC, Ramos JF, Moreira RS, Barnett AA (2019). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 128: 460-472.

Bird assemblages on Amazonian river islands: patterns of species diversity and composition

Borges SH, Baccaro FB, Moreira M, Choueri EL (2019). Biotropica. 51: 903–912.

Temporal and spatial gradients of humidity shape the occurrence and the behavioral manipulation of ants infected by entomopathogenic fungi in Central Amazon

Cardoso Neto JA, Leal LC, Baccaro FB. (2019). Fungal Ecology. 42: 100871.

Arboreal ant abundance tracks primary productivity in an Amazonian whitewater river system

Pringle EG, Santos TF, Gonçalves MS, Hawes JE, Peres C, Baccaro FB. (2019). Ecosphere. 10: e02902.

Can environmental complexity predict functional trait composition of ground-dwelling ant assemblages? A test covering a wide environmental gradient in the Amazon Basin

Guilherme DR, Souza JLP, Franklin E, Pequeno PACL, Chagas AC, Baccaro FB (2019). Acta Oecologica 99: 103434.

The Amazonas-trap: a new method for sampling plant-inhabiting arthropod communities in tropical forest understory

Lopes MC, Lamarre GPA, Baraloto C, Fine PVA, Vicentini A, Baccaro FB (2019). Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 167: 534-543.

Do zombie ant fungi turn their hosts into light seekers?

Andriolli FS, Ishikawa NK, Vargas-Isla R, Cabral TS, de Bekker C, Baccaro FB (2019). Behavioral Ecology. 30: 609-616.

From a bat's perspective, protected riparian areas should be wider than defined by Brazilian laws

Pereira LGA, Capaverde-Jr UD, Tavares VC, Magnusson WE, Bobrowiec PED, Baccaro FB (2019). Journal of Environmental Management 232: 37-44.


Occurrence of triatomines (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) in domestic and natural environments in Novo Remanso, Itacoatiara, AM

Batista DG, Britto C, Monte GLS, Baccaro FB (2019). Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical. 52: e20190063.

The bitter end: primate avoidance of caterpillar-infested trees in a central Amazon flooded forest

Negreiros AA, Pohlit AM, Baccaro FB, Koolen HHF, Barnett APA (2019). Canadian Journal of Zoology. 97: 181-186. 


Effectiveness of genera as a higher-taxon substitute for species in ant biodiversity analyses is not affected by sampling technique

Souza JLP, Baccaro FB, Pequeno PACL, Franklin E, Magnusson WE. (2018). Biodiversity and Conservation. 27: 3425-3445.

Urban waste disposal explains the distribution of Black Vultures (Coragyps atratus) in an Amazonian metropolis: management implications for birdstrikes and urban planning

Araújo GM, Peres CA, Baccaro FB, Guerta RS (2018). PeerJ. 6: e5491


Dissecting bird diversity in the Pantepui area of endemism, Northern South America

Borges S, Santos M, Moreira M, Baccaro FB, Capurucho J, Ribas C (2018). Journal of Ornithology. 159: 1073-1086.

Dominance-diversity relationships in ant communities differ with invasion

Arnan X, Andersen AN, Gibb H, Parr KL, Sanders NJ, Dunn RR, Angulo E, Baccaro FB, Bishop T, Boulay R, Castracani C, Cerda X, Del Toro I, Delsinne T, et al. (2018). Global Change Biology. 24: 4614-4625.

Spatial patterns of medium and large size mammal assemblages in várzea and terra firme forests, Central Amazonia, Brazil

Alvarenga GC, Ramalho EE, Baccaro FB, da Rocha DG, Ferreira-Ferreira J, Bobrowiec PED (2018). PLoS One. 13: e0198120.

Historical stability promoted higher functional specialization and originality in Neotropical stream fish assemblages

Rodrigues-Filho CAS, Leitão RP, Zuanon J, Sánchez-Botero JI, Baccaro FB (2018). Journal of Biogeography. 45: 1345–1354.

Subtle changes in elevation shift bat-assemblage structure in Central Amazonia

Capaverde-Jr UD, Pereira LGA, Tavares VC, Magnusson WE, Baccaro FB, Bobrowiec PED (2018). Biotropica. 50: 674–683.

Optimising survey methods for spiders and harvestmen assemblages in an Amazonian upland forest

Tourinho AL, Dias SC, Lo-Man-Hung NF, Pinto-da-Rocha R, Bonaldo AB, Baccaro FB (2018). Pedobiologia. 67: 35-44.


Limited effects of low-intensity forest management on ant assemblages in southwestern Amazonian forests

Miranda PN, Baccaro FB, Morato EF, Oliveira MA, Delabie JHC. (2017). Biodiversity and Conservation, 26: 2435–2451.

The Matrix Effect: How agricultural matrices shape forest fragment structure and amphibian composition

Ferrante L, Baccaro FB, Ferreira EB, Sampaio MFO, Santos TNS, Justino RC, Angulo A. (2017). Journal of Biogeography, 44: 1911-1922.

Ecology shapes metabolic and life history scalings in termites

Pequeno PACL, Baccaro FB, Souza JLP, Franklin E. (2017). Ecological Entomology, 42: 115-124.


A global database of ant species abundances

Gibb H, Dunn RR, Sanders NJ, Grossman BF, Photakis M, Abril S, Agosti D, Andersen AN, Angulo E, Armbrecht I, Arnan X, Baccaro FB, Bishop T, Boulay R, et al. (2017). Ecology, 98: 883-884.

GlobalAnts: a new ant trait database

Parr CL, Dunn RR, Sanders NJ, Weiser MD, Photoakis M, Bishop TR, Fitzpatrick MC, Arena X, Baccaro FB, Brandão CRF, Chick L, Donoso DA, Fayle TM, Gómez C, Grossman B, Munyai TC, Pacheco R, Retana J, Robinson A, Sagata K, Silva RR, Tista M, Vasconcelos H, Yates M & Gibb H. (2017). Insect Conservation and Diversity, 10: 5-20. 

What bite marks can tell us: Use of on-fruit tooth impressions to study seed consumer identity and consumption patterns within a rodent assemblage

Antunes ACBaccaro FB, Barnett A. (2017). Mammalian Biology, 82: 74-79.



Busy nights: high seed dispersal by crickets in a Neotropical forest

Santana F, Baccaro FB, Costa FC. (2016). American Naturalist, 188, E126–E133.

Forest structure along a 600 km transect of natural disturbances and seasonality gradients in central-southern Amazonia

Schietti J, Martins D, Emilio T, Souza P, Levis C, da Veiga Pinto JLP, Moulatlet G, Stark S, Baccaro FB, Sarmento K, de Araújo RNO, Costa FRC, Schöngart J, Quesada CA, Saleska SR, Tomasella J, Magnusson WE. (2016) Journal of Ecology. 104, 1335–1346.

Genomic organization under different environmental conditions: Hoplosternum littorale as a model

Silva FA, Schineider CH, Feldberg E, Baccaro FB, Carvalho NDM, Gross MC. (2016) Zebrafish. 13(3):197-208.

Nest predation of the yellow-spotted Amazon River turtle (Podocnemis unifilis, Troschel, 1848) by the fire ant (Solenopsis geminata, Fabricius, 1804) in the Brazilian Amazon

Erickson J, Baccaro FB (2016) Herpetological Journal. 26: 183-186.

Evolutionary history of the little fire ant Wasmannia auropunctata before global invasion: inferring dispersal patterns, niche requirements, and past and present distribution within its native range

Chifflet L, Rodriguero MS, Calcaterra LA, Rey O, Dinghi PA, Baccaro FB, Souza JLP, Follett P, Confalonieri VA (2016) Journal of Evolutionary Biology. 29: 790–809.

Taxonomic sufficiency and indicator taxa reduce sampling costs and increase monitoring effectiveness for ants

Souza JP, Baccaro FB, Landeiro VL, Franklin E, Magnusson WE, Pequeno PACL, Fernandes IO (2016) Diversity and Distribution. 22: 111-122.

A linha de véu: a biodiversidade brasileira desconhecida

Magnusson WE, Ishikawa NK, Lima AP, Dias DV, Costa FM, Holanda ASS, Santos GGA, Freitas MA, Rodrigues DJ, Pezzini FF, Barreto MR, Baccaro FB, Emilio T, Vargas-Isla R. (2016) Parcerias Estratégicas, 21, 45-60.


Pre-Columbian Floristic Legacies in Modern Homegardens of Central Amazonia

Lins J, Lima HP, Baccaro FB, Kinupp VF, Shepard Jr. GH, Clement CR (2015) PLoS ONE 10(6): e0127067.

Climate mediates the effects of disturbance on ant assemblage structure

Gibb H, Sanders NJ, Dunn RR, Watson S, Photakis M, Abril S, Andersen AN, Angulo E, Armbrecht I, Arnan X, Baccaro FB, Bishop TR, Boulay R, Castracani C, Toro I, et al. (2015) Proc R Soc B. 282: 20150418.

Synthesis of the first 10 years of long-term ecological research in Amazonian Forest ecosystem – implications for conservation and management

Costa FV, Costa FRC, Magnusson WE, Franklin E, Zuanon J, Cintra R, Luizão F, Camargo JLC, Andrade A, Laurance W, Baccaro FB, Souza JLP, Espírito-Santo H (2015) Natureza & Conservação. 13: 3-14.


Complementarity among sampling methods for harvestman assemblages

Tourinho AL, Lança LS, Baccaro FB, Dias SC (2014) Pedobiologia. 57: 37–45.

Vertical distance from drainage drives floristic composition changes in an Amazonian terra-firme rainforest

Schietti J, Emilio T, Rennó CD, Drucker DP, Costa FRC, Nogueira A, Baccaro FB, Figueiredo F, Castilho CV, Kinupp V, Guillaumet J, Garcia ARM, Lima AP, Magnusson WE (2014) Plant Ecology and Diversity. 7: 241–253.


Changes in Ground-dwelling Ant Functional Diversity are Correlated with Water-Table Level in an Amazonian Terra Firme Forest

Baccaro FB, Rocha IF, Aguila BEG, Schietti J, Emilio T, Pinto JLP da V, et al. (2013) Biotropica. 46: 755-763.

Is there a refuge for ants in litter accumulated at the base of Attalea attaleoides (Barb.Rodr.) Wess.Boer (Arecaceae)?

Franken EP, Baccaro FB, Gasnier TR (2013) Entomotropica. 28: 27-37.

Estimating density of ant nests using distance sampling

Baccaro FB & Ferraz G (2013) Insectes Sociaux. 60: 103–110.


Limited effects of dominant ants on assemblage species richness in three Amazon forests

Baccaro FB, de Souza JLP, Franklin E, Landeiro VL, Magnusson WE (2012) Ecological Entomology. 37: 1–12.

Check list of ground-dwelling ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) of the eastern Acre, Amazon, Brazil

Miranda PN, Oliveira MA, Baccaro FB, Ferreira E, Delabie JHC (2012) Check List. 8: 722–730.

The Brazilian Program for Biodiversity Research (PPBio) Information System

Pezzini FF, Melo PHA de, Oliveira DMS de, Amorim RX de, Figueiredo FOG de, Drucker DP, Rodrigues FRO, Zuquim G, Emilio T, Costa FRC, Magnusson WE, Sampaio AF, Lima AP, Garcia ARM, Manzatto AG, Nogueira A, da Costa CP, Barbosa CEA, Bernardes C,  de Castilho CV, da Cunha CN, de Freitas CG, Cavalcante CO, Brandão DO, Rodrigues DJ, dos Santos ECPR, Baccaro FB, Ishida FY, Carvalho FA, et al. (2012) Biodiversity & Ecology. 4: 265–274.

Trade-offs between complementarity and redundancy in the use of different sampling techniques for ground-dwelling ant assemblages

Souza JLP de, Baccaro FB, Landeiro VL, Franklin E, Magnusson WE (2012) Applied Soil Ecology. 56: 63–73.


Efeitos da distância entre iscas nas estimativas de abundância e riqueza de formigas em uma floresta de terra-firme na Amazônia Central

Baccaro FB, Ketelhut SM, Morais JW de (2011) Acta Amazonica. 41: 115–122.

Resource distribution and soil moisture content can regulate bait control in an ant assemblage in Central Amazonian forest

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Composição e riqueza de formigas (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) em savana e ambientes associados de Roraima

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Books and chapters
Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 20.21.05.png

Explorando padrões ecológicos com técnicas multivariadas

Magnusson WE & Baccaro FB (2023). Editora da Universidade Federal do Amazonas (EDUA). 138p. Download here.


Exploring patterns in ecological data with multivariate analyses

Magnusson WE & Baccaro FB (2022). Editora da Universidade Federal do Amazonas (EDUA). 138p. Download here.


Apresentando o Diagnóstico Brasileiro de Biodiversidade e Serviços Ecossistêmicos

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Guia para os gêneros de formigas do Brasil

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A Reserva Ducke

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Insetos e outros artrópodes terrestres

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books & chapters

Labverde/18 Immersion Program in the Amazon

Labverde/16 Immersion Program in the Amazon

I'm very proud to be a academic consultant of this project!

A linha de véu: a biodiversidade brasileira desconhecida

Magnusson WE, Ishikawa NK, Lima AP, Dias DV, Costa FM, Holanda ASS, Santos GGA, Freitas MA, Rodrigues DJ, Pezzini FF, Barreto MR, Baccaro FB, Emilio T, Vargas-Isla R. (2016) Parcerias Estratégicas, 21, 45-60.

Amazônia e a Democratização Científica

in: Fraiji L, Rotta J, Troost L (Orgs.). Lab Verde: Experimentações Artísticas na Amazônia.

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Avaliação de um patrimônio 

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Desafios no caminho do conhecimento

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